WORTHY Masterclasses
5 MAP sessions with Kelly to neutralise and clear
unconscious blocks, fears and limiting beliefs
related to self-worth, self-love and confidence.

Session 1  :  Worthy to be loved
Session 2 :  Worthy to have what you want
Session 3 :  Worthy to be joyful
Session 4 :  Worthy to express yourself confidently
Session 5 :  Worthy to forgive yourself

MAP is a revolutionary new method that treats and neutralises negative unconscious memories and blocks and replaces them with postitive, self-empowering beliefs. MAP harnesses cutting-edge neuroscience and communication with the unconscious mind, to allow the brain to heal itself.

Feeling worthy is something I have always battled with as well as feeling guilty and unworthy to do what I would truly want to do but not knowing how to get past those blocks.

The Worthy Masterclasses have shifted my outlook on things and given me more confidence to face my fears and feel worthy enough to be myself and feel more free and confident to express how I feel and be true to my authentic self.

Simone D.

My life has changed before my very eyes and I have happy tears as I write this. I am just so grateful that Kelly Hine entered my life this year with this wonderful revolutionary modality called MAP. I will be forever grateful to Kelly. 

Katherine M.

I’m loving the “Worthy” MAP Masterclasses! Each session stirs up emotions that guide and weave me to exactly what I need to reinforce everything. It’s truly amazing.


At first, I was skeptical. But I decided to put that aside and give it my all. What I received in the past five weeks of the sessions has been life-changing. I'm noticing my ability to catch and crowd out negative thoughts more and more with positive thoughts. I'm noticing that I'm more understanding, compassionate, and the big one.....forgiving....of myself and others. I'm noticing that my interactions with others are soo much better. That more and more I'm able to stop and respond rather than react. All of these things because I have learnt that I am WORTHY! It has been a very gentle process with life-changing results.

Lynda M.

This stuff really works. I would recommend these Masterclasses to anyone who needs clarity on trauma and negativity, so wonderful to feel myself again. 

I found the MAP sessions extremely helpful and also very calming. Many emotions come to the surface at the beginning of the sessions and I feel the shift from negative to positive beliefs around all emotions. 

By the end of the sessions, I felt much more positive in general about my self-worth - truly inspiring and amazing results. So grateful for the breakthroughs.

Robyn P.

I must thank you for these amazing Worthy MAP sessions! As you know I was hesitant to sign up, however alongside the wisdom and teachings you offer in Soul Space, these have helped me to move to a next level, past blocks and barriers that I had been struggling with. In one session I had a sensation of an extensive web of (negative) early conditioning being drawn from within me, creating the opportunity for release, flow and the true me to be present and to shine!

Janette L.

5 Worthy Masterclasses 
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