Body & Soul Meditation Album

Elevate your meditation practice with my "Body & Soul" Meditation Album. 

This transformative collection of 6 meditation tracks is designed

to help you nurture your body & soul.

This digital album includes the following 6 tracks which 

you can download on your device and use whenever you wish:

Body Scan Relaxation – a simple mindfulness meditation that guides you to focus on relaxing parts of the body in turn, leaving you feeling beautifully relaxed.

Release – a blissful letting-go meditation which guides you to release any emotional baggage, beliefs or physical tension that you’re holding on to unnecessarily.

Chakra Balancing – Cleanse and clear your energy centres for a wonderful re-set. I recommend doing this one at least once a week.

White Light – This divine meditation will have you feeling consciously connected to your spiritual self, in an elevated state of consciousness. Expansive and inspiring to the max!

Self-Love – when you reconnect with your authentic self, you realise that at your core you are pure love. Self-love enables you to achieve your potential & be your best for others. This meditation will leave your heart feeling full, overflowing with love.

Reconnect with Breath – guides you to mindfully connect with your life-giving breath and effortlessly sink into deep relaxation.

I was someone who tried on and off for many years to meditate on my own and failed. My body and mind were struggling everyday leading to many health issues. Listening to Kelly's calming voice guiding me through these meditations and bringing you back when my mind wanders has not only been great for my health but has given me the skills to get through life's little hiccups in a much more positive and mindful way, benefiting every aspect of my life. I can not recommend these guided meditations enough. They're now a part of my daily life.

- Tania

"I have been doing one of Kelly’s meditations every day and night. They are awesome. I love guided meditation and I often used to search for ones to download over the internet, but you never know how good they will be and it is quite frustrating when you put the time aside and it's not great. Kelly has got me inspired into meditating again, and I really do feel a positive difference in my life and stress levels. I really love all of her meditations, such beautiful messages and really relaxing."

- Nicky

"My days start and finish with Kelly's beautiful meditations. I definitely feel lighter and brighter, and move through days with so much more ease and grace. I can't recommend it highly enough. Thank you Kelly, you entered my life at the perfect time." 

- Kath

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Body & Soul
Meditation Album

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