Be Empowered
MAP Masterclasses

Through a revolutionary Neural Rewiring process called “MAP”, and her world-class coaching skills, Kelly will lead you through these transformational Masterclasses, so you can:

Reframe your story of past hurts and mistakes. 

Be able to quickly activate your confidence. 

Change the way you respond to challenges (instead of reacting). Stop feeling like a victim to circumstances. 

Recode beliefs and behaviours that cause you to feel alone and unsupported.

MAP is such a powerful yet gentle and transformational process, that treats and neutralises negative unconscious memories and blocks and replaces them with positive, self-empowering beliefs. MAP harnesses cutting-edge neuroscience and communication with the unconscious mind, to allow the brain to heal itself.

The MAP process that I use, combined with my other skills, results in the easiest, fastest, and most effortless way I've ever come across, to clear limiting patterns and beliefs, and create lasting and positive change.

What's Included?


Your purchase will include ongoing access to the recordings, so you can use them whenever it suits you, even if you can't make it to the live sessions.

The sessions are completely private for you (you don't need to share anything). And you don't even need to know where your block or issue originates from.

Here's some feedback about past Masterclasses...

I feel like a weight has been lifted off me. I feel worthy and light hearted. I’m so happy with the outcome of the sessions and will definitely be back for more!


My life has changed before my very eyes and I have happy tears as I write this. I am just so grateful that Kelly Hine entered my life this year with this wonderful revolutionary modality called MAP. I will be forever grateful to Kelly. 

Katherine M.

OMG, I just finished doing MAP Session 2 - Rewire Fear & Anxiety. It was amazing. The best one yet. The affirmations were very powerful and I’ll continue to use them every day. I feel a sense of peace. A few things came up for me, but instead of being fearful, I chose to look at them more logically and positively. Thanks so much Kelly. Love it.

Kerry S.

I've just completed the third map session and I found it really helpful. I'm feeling really positive and pleased with how I'm feeling. I'll be interested to repeat the process in the future at a time when I'm feeling worried and or anxious. Many thanks!                                         


I came with an open mind to the MAP sessions and I let myself immerse in it.. I worked with Kelly to let the program work in places where I needed it. I found the commentary soothing and inviting. I think trust is a big thing in life. I did have a lot of stress and anxiety but life opened up to reveal more things. Today I am settled into peace. I am powerless over other people, places, and things. I am learning to control my emotions. I don't have to react to everything. I can sit still amidst being berated! As I know it is not about me.

I did the MAP session to tonight and it was amazing. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I was amazed at the effects it had on me and am looking forward to seeing what comes up for me before the next session. As usual Kelly facilitates with such care, grace and compassion and works her magic in her very special way.

Julie H.

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