MAP is a revolutionary new method that treats and neutralises negative unconscious memories and blocks and replaces them with positive, self-empowering beliefs. MAP harnesses cutting-edge neuroscience and communication with the unconscious mind, to allow the brain to heal itself.

The sessions are run online via private Zoom video call.

(Limited spots available)

I feel like a weight has been lifted off me. I feel worthy and light-hearted. I’m so happy with the outcome of the sessions and will definitely be back for more!

- Annie

My life has changed before my very eyes and I have happy tears as I write this. I am just so grateful that Kelly Hine entered my life this year with this wonderful revolutionary modality called MAP. I will be forever grateful to Kelly. 

- Katherine M.

I've just been on an amazing journey with Kelly. I had some reservations at first, but after the fourth session, I was a convert. It was then I experienced this dramatic shift in that I was able to move past an emotional and physical block that I've been struggling with for almost a year, to accessing a health plan that I had previously used with great results for my health. So before this workshop had even come to its end, I had actively started to work within the plan again. I can't thank you enough Kelly, I'm learning so much.

- Jenny W.

I have found the MAP sessions extremely helpful and also very calming. Many emotions come to the surface at the beginning of the sessions and I feel the shift from negative to positive beliefs around all emotions. By the time the sessions came to an end, I felt much more positive in general about my self-worth - truly inspiring and amazing results. So grateful for the breakthroughs. 

This stuff really works. I would recommend this process to anyone who needs clarity on trauma and negativity, so wonderful to feel myself again. 

- Robyn P.

I had no idea what to expect from MAP but was open to a new experience that could possibly help me find more peace in myself and my life. I have not been disappointed. Working with Kelly has brought me some ‘light bulb moments’ about why I am like I am and why I do or don’t do some things. It has been a calming, reflecting, thought-provoking and, strangely enough, mostly relaxing experience. 

I am very happy with the way I have now been able to deal more positively with some situations, relationships, and feelings, and look forward to continuing on this journey of self-discovery. Thank you, Kelly, for so generously sharing your beautiful, calm, open, accepting, and loving personality in the work that you do. I am richer for meeting you and having this opportunity. 

- Suzi D.

I found these sessions amazing. First 2 sessions, I was overwhelmed & emotional. After the final session, I am calm and hopeful my fears and self-doubts have abated. The future is brighter with an abundance of opportunities as I’m free from the shackles of unhealthy childhood beliefs.

- Ann

 Package of 6 x personal MAP & Coaching Sessions with Kelly

 (90 minutes each)


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